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S59 2018 Oct 20 02:17 8.0 2018 Oct 20 10:17 Another good thing about a personal RSS reader (I use FreshRSS) is that it's really easy to, a week after reading something interesting, find an article again based on any half-remembered word or phrase. I find Twitter to just be a such an unstoppable river, that without having liked a post it's
S58 2018 Oct 11 08:21 8.0 2018 Oct 11 16:21 I reckon some people in East Fremantle don't want people to know that their cul de sacs are actually pedestrian thoroughfares. I'm adding 'em to OpenStreetMap.
S57 2018 Oct 11 08:13 8.0 2018 Oct 11 16:13 It's so hard to remember the brilliant mind-clearing simplicity of just walking, with no goal, for at least an hour, and possibly with a pub at the halfway point. Even sore tendons succumb to the joy.
S56 2018 Oct 10 06:51 8.0 2018 Oct 10 14:51 I've been out taking photos of Mills and Wares Park, because WikiShootMe told me there was no photo yet of it on Wikidata.
S55 2018 Oct 10 05:26 8.0 2018 Oct 10 13:26 I've updated my PageCleanUp.js script on English Wikisource to support some extra bits and bobs, at the suggestion of @pigsonthewing
S53 2018 Oct 8 00:58 8.0 2018 Oct 8 08:58 When creating a header template for MediaWiki pages, it can be good to set the display title to de-emphasize the standard page title so that it can be reused lower down within the header: '"`UNIQ--nowiki-00000002-QINU`"'
S54 2018 Sep 26 05:22 8.0 2018 Sep 26 13:22 Interesting presentation about the Auckland University Tramping Club and archives and how sometimes professional intervention isn't the best way to go. Belinda Battley
S52 2018 Sep 26 00:01 8.0 2018 Sep 26 08:01 Heading to the first day of the Australian Society of Archivists conference.
S51 2018 Sep 23 01:34 8.0 2018 Sep 23 09:34 Public websites can be archived on the Internet Arcchive (either as crawled HTML pages or dumped XML etc.), but what is one to do about private sites? Currently I'm backing up locally (of course) but it's hard to know how to make the backups usable by anyone.
S50 2018 Sep 16 22:42 8.0 2018 Sep 17 06:42 I'm attempting to remove ParserFunctions completely, and switch all templates use to Lua modules instead.
S49 2018 Sep 15 03:16 8.0 2018 Sep 15 11:16 There's something wonderful about Saturday mornings, maintaining the same morning-time excitement as during the week but being free to apply it to whatever project that takes my fancy.
S48 2018 Sep 14 09:55 8.0 2018 Sep 14 17:55 It really is nice to return to familiar code sometimes. I worry that as one gets older, the familiar things become more important, and maybe familiarity takes precedence over attempting to do the right thing.
S47 2018 Sep 14 09:51 8.0 2018 Sep 14 17:51 Symfony is being super annoying, and now work's finished for the day I'm returning to the calm familiar non-trendy code of MediaWiki extensions.
S46 2018 Sep 11 22:18 8.0 2018 Sep 12 06:18 It's a splendid day, although maybe a bit early in it, and there's lots to be done. I keep thinking I'll write more, but never do. How to fix that?
S45 2018 Sep 9 05:22 8.0 2018 Sep 9 13:22 Crazy hoons on Wood Street today. Much revving and chasing and then an almighty crash. But the time I got around the corner there was an abandoned car with bits of another hanging off its front. No sign of anyone.


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