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S69 2018 Dec 9 23:31 -8.0 2018 Dec 9 15:31 I've fixed the PhpFlickr upload bug. Now just need to clean up the patch. But first I'm going to go and explore the rest of this library.
S68 2018 Dec 9 21:42 -8.0 2018 Dec 9 13:42 Is there any way to make WordPress store the timezone of a post? And then make it display the correct local time for each post (but still sort them in chronological order)? I'm not sure there is, but here in MediaWiki with Cargo it's pretty easy. Maybe a bit clunky though! I've been working on my [
S67 2018 Dec 7 16:27 -8.0 2018 Dec 7 08:27 I'm finally fixing an upload bug in PhpFlickr, and in doing so I went looking for an answer to a thing, only to find that I had exactly this same question 2 years ago and the answer (that I wrote) is still the same. Oops. Hard to not go in circles sometimes.
S66 2018 Dec 7 00:37 -8.0 2018 Dec 6 16:37 This is a test post.
S65 2018 Dec 6 15:01 -8.0 2018 Dec 6 07:01 It's a rainy dawn in San Diego. Grey skies and a bit chilly. Happy to be in this warm room (and with a better coffee than the urn provides).
S64 2018 Nov 9 01:00 8.0 2018 Nov 9 09:00 I'm sitting in Perth airport hacking on an event form for the WMAU website.
S63 2018 Nov 7 09:44 8.0 2018 Nov 7 17:44 It's a splendid feeling, turning off one's computer at the end of the day. I recommend it.
S62 2018 Nov 6 06:16 8.0 2018 Nov 6 14:16 Nice to see someone else using MediaWiki for their personal website:
S61 2018 Nov 5 03:10 8.0 2018 Nov 5 11:10 The genealogy demo wiki has been found by the spammers! :-( I'm fixing it up (and upgrading).
S60 2018 Nov 4 08:48 8.0 2018 Nov 4 16:48 I found a bug and maybe fixed it: phabricator:T208670.
S59 2018 Oct 20 02:17 8.0 2018 Oct 20 10:17 Another good thing about a personal RSS reader (I use FreshRSS) is that it's really easy to, a week after reading something interesting, find an article again based on any half-remembered word or phrase. I find Twitter to just be a such an unstoppable river, that without having liked a post it's
S58 2018 Oct 11 08:21 8.0 2018 Oct 11 16:21 I reckon some people in East Fremantle don't want people to know that their cul de sacs are actually pedestrian thoroughfares. I'm adding 'em to OpenStreetMap.
S57 2018 Oct 11 08:13 8.0 2018 Oct 11 16:13 It's so hard to remember the brilliant mind-clearing simplicity of just walking, with no goal, for at least an hour, and possibly with a pub at the halfway point. Even sore tendons succumb to the joy.
S56 2018 Oct 10 06:51 8.0 2018 Oct 10 14:51 I've been out taking photos of Mills and Wares Park, because WikiShootMe told me there was no photo yet of it on Wikidata.
S55 2018 Oct 10 05:26 8.0 2018 Oct 10 13:26 I've updated my PageCleanUp.js script on English Wikisource to support some extra bits and bobs, at the suggestion of @pigsonthewing


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