Writing every day


I used to try to write every morning about what I was going to work on in the day. Sometimes I'd publish it as a blog post, but mostly just stick it away in my private journal — it was the process of writing it that mattered, not at all the fact that I could then read back over it. In fact, I think I pretty rarely read over anything a second time, except perhaps when searching for some bit of documentation that I had an inkling that I'd written down somewhere. Some people seem to blog about topics, I just treat it like a rambling whatever-space to put anything at all.

I tried the other day to switch to a Markdown-and-Pandoc based blog, hosted as static files on Netlify, but I then immediately wanted to search something... and couldn't. Of course, there are ways of doing static-site search (build a static index, and query it from the client) but I'm not very interested and so am back here in MediaWiki.

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