Not jumping for the shiny new things


It is very hard to not want to change things when a better idea comes along. The problem mostly seems to be that "better" is so easy to feel when you first see a new thing, and it's so hard to remember that the current way of doing things was once that same "better".

Bit by bit I'm learning to be more conservative in jumping to the next cool new technology, but I still feel the pull. A simple tweet about a new way of working with Markdown; a Hacker News thread about why hosting your own websites is dead; or the feeling of giving in to the corporate world of the web (Twitter & Flickr, mainly) will bring some cool relaxation. But really, ignoring the impulse (unless it comes again and again) is not that hard, and makes for an easier ride in the end.

Also finished listening to How to Stop Time (eps 8–10).