HWC West Coast, June 2020


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It's rare that online events are at reasonable times for me in UTC+8; usually they're aimed at UTC+1ish or UTC-5ish. Today is the Homebrew Website Club West Coast online meetup, which is named after the US west coast but I figure I can pretend it means all west coasts.

It's starting with an hour of quiet writing time. That feels like a strange but wonderful thing to have on a conference call.

The idea of the indieweb has been coming up a bit lately in my life, and I've got a tiny side project to attempt to create mw:Extension:Webmentions — given that I've resigned myself to using MediaWiki for blogging! I don't know if it'll work, because there are a few things that don't really gel well with the unstructured-pages-of-text approach of wikis. Sending webmentions should be straight forward, because on any link it's possible to send something to the target and it's not necessary to know anything about the structure of the wiki page that the link is on. Receiving them on the other hand might be trickier. All I'm working on at the moment is adding a generic notice on the talk page; I guess it wouldn't be too hard to extend it to pulling in some common post types from the sending page. Some of the stuff I'd love to get working is around events and RSVPs, but maybe the unstructured wiki way will not handle that very well.

Anyway, it's good fun.

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