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My coffee mug

Hello world, and welcome to my corner of the web. This is where I write words about what I'm working on, and post photographs of things I've seen.

I'm a Software Engineer at the Wikimedia Foundation, and so of course my personal website is a wiki (running on MediaWiki). In my spare time I volunteer with WikiClubWest to work on Wikimedia projects, mostly around my family's genealogy and local Western Australian history (especially to do with Fremantle). I try to keep up with issues on all the things I maintain (but usually fail).

I also try to find time to work in my workshop on various woodworking projects. Recently, that's been focused on restoring a chest of drawers and building a metalworking bench.

Travel features in my life, not because I really hugely want to go elsewhere but because I just do — and also because then I can do some more interesting mapping on OpenStreetMap.

I'm currently reading the following: , and Fathers of Men (E. W. Hornung, 1912), and Perth (David Whish-Wilson, 2013), and The Railway Adventures (Geoff Marshall; Vicki Pipe, 2018).

To contact me, you can email me or find me on the Freenode IRC network (as 'samwilson'). If you want to leave a comment on this site (by creating an account), you need to know the secret code Tuart (it's not very secret, but seems to be confusing enough for most spammers).

Piwigo a security risk


Is Piwigo a security risk? There's been another vulnerability reported, and it's got me worried. I've turned off my photos site for the time being, till I've figured it out some more.

Maybe I should carry on shifting things to Commons and this collection of wikis. I do like having the option of storing things like timezone.

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Bar closed

I guess we'll go to clancies instead then.

Bar closed.jpg


It seems that the empty comments template works then. That's good.

Another test

Seeing what this does.



It's very hard to focus sometimes. But then a bug report comes along, makes sense, and a path forward is clear. It's a nice feeling, especially on a Friday afternoon.



Heading to the airport soon, to fly to Sydney for the WMAU Community Conference. I'm looking forward to meeting new people, and finding out more about what's going on around the country. It's pretty rare that we all get together — it's never happened since I've been involved in Wikimedia stuff. Australia's a bit too big, really.

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More Hall papers


Yesterday I received from my dad the following copies of transcripts:

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Post-hackathon coding

Český Krumlov

I'm in Český Krumlov, south of Prague a few hours. I'm trying to add a new field type to the PageForms MediaWiki extension; never done that before. It's a reasonably easy-to-understand system I think, although I suspect I've done something wrong somewhere. I want to add better date- and date-time widgets, to not use jQuery UI and instead stick with the built-in OOUI widgets. I've got a first draft working (although it's currently turning OOUI on for all inputs, which is silly). I do wonder if it would be better to not add a new type, but just add a ooui=yes to the existing ones. Actually, that's much better. I'm about to get on a train though, so it'll have to wait.

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