Waiting for a flight

Perth airport

Sunday morning, Perth airport. In a few hours (by the clock) I'll be in San Francisco. It'll take me a bit longer than that to get there, but that's okay—it's a nice day. The main question is whether one should add spaces next to an em dash. Or whether it's easy to use altogether too many em dashes! Tricky questions. Plenty of time to figure them out. And to find the asciicircum key (why don't they call it what we all call it?).

In the UK, "phonebox numbers reached their peak in 1992, when there were 92,000 of them"[1] and now they're getting rid of lots and will be left with only twenty thousand or so. I guess we all have other phones now (even if some of us don't use them ever and are terrible at answering when phoned).

Someone said this morning that "MediaWiki seems to be much more popular outside the foundation then it is inside it."[2] I hope that's true! I mean, it's not good that it's not popular inside the Foundation (we use Google docs sometimes for things! shock horror), but I like to think that it is popular outside. I like MediaWiki.

The coffee here really isn't as good as elsewhere. Yesterday, I had a terrific long black at the place on the corner of King and Wellington streets. Terrible seating, but lovely coffee, and a good window to peer out of. Important things. From here, a metre away, I can see black polyester-clad bums of two pilots, dragging their nice little square rolly suitcases.

Anyway, I'll stop blathering and go find a better spot to while away the time.

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