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My coffee mug

Hello world, and welcome to my corner of the web. This is where I write words about what I'm working on, and post photographs of things I've seen.

I'm a Software Engineer at the Wikimedia Foundation, and so of course my personal website is a wiki (running on MediaWiki). In my spare time I volunteer with WikiClubWest to work on Wikimedia projects, mostly around my family's genealogy and local Western Australian history (especially to do with Fremantle). I try to keep up with issues on all the things I maintain (but usually fail).

I also try to find time to work in my workshop on various woodworking projects. Recently, that's been focused on restoring a chest of drawers and building a metalworking bench.

Travel features in my life, not because I really hugely want to go elsewhere but because I just do — and also because then I can do some more interesting mapping on OpenStreetMap.

I'm currently reading the following: , and Doctor Thorne (Anthony Trollop), and Fathers of Men (E. W. Hornung, 1912), and Perth (David Whish-Wilson, 2013), and The Railway Adventures (Geoff Marshall; Vicki Pipe, 2018).

To contact me, you can email me or find me on Telegram (as 'freosam'). If you want to leave a comment on this site (by creating an account), you need to know the secret code Tuart (it's not very secret, but seems to be confusing enough for most spammers).

Micro.blog podcast with Adam Tinworth


Another interesting podcast about indieweb things and why it's a good idea to have your own website and : 70: Adam Tinworth aka @adders ():

Adam Tinworth was a journalist for two decades. He started blogging in 2001, “a transformational moment” for him. He now works as a consultant and trainer in digital journalism, social media and content strategy, teaching classes such as Social Media & Audience Engagement for Editorial.

And this too: The IndieWeb Movement: Owning Your Data and Being the Change You Want to See in the Web (also ).

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Personal wiki


In Do you use a personal 'knowledge base'?, metalliqaz said on 2019-10-02

I have started using a personal mediawiki instance with Cargo for semantic data. I realized that I wanted to have full control of my data, so I didn't like the idea of going all-in with Notion or something similar. I'm a heavy user of wikipedia so mediawiki just "feels" natural. Installing it is a huge pain.

I am finding that the system works well enough, once you get VisualEditor working. However the main problem is the habit of capturing my thoughts and work products. It's a tough habit to get in to.

Ultimately I want the wiki to be just one piece of a larger system that automatically organizes all my articles, files, mail, posts, etc. The idea being that I can work with whatever tool is easiest for any particular situation, and still be able to cross-reference all the information in a way that is useful and easy to search. We'll see if I ever get there.

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A redlink bug in Cargo?


I upgraded Cargo yesterday and noticed that redlinks in ArchivesWiki metadata (e.g.) are no longer rendering correctly. I think I found the bug.

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Generated readme for wmwcli


I've added a script to mwcli that adds all of the CLI documentation to the README.

It was easier than I'd thought it was going to be, to get access to thw command definitions. Most of the patch is dealing with formatting, and there's some more of that to do. I also added a CI check to ensure that the documentation always matches what's in the code. It helps to highlight missing i18n messages as well.

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Evening at Yagan Square


20191004 183711.jpg

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Curly quotes are good


The curly-quotes discussion has ended, and in favour of using them (consistently within a work)! The MoS has been updated to:

Use a consistent style of quotation marks ("straight" or “curly”) within a given work. It is recommended to use "straight" quotes in works where there are a large number of contributing editors, since consistent use of “curly” quotes may be difficult to achieve.

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I just realised that 'timezone' isn't a word (it's two). Although, surely if 'instore' is now a word, we can also do away with the space in 'time zone'?

MediaWiki blog

I hope this becomes a thing: http://mediawiki.blog/ (heard about via Semantic MediaWiki Live Stream on Youtube).

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