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Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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It's the morning of the last day of TechConf, and the rain and mist seems to have come in. Not that it's really experienced, inside here in the over-heated rooms — but it's nice to look out at the damp autumnal trees.

I'm trying to go over notes from yesterday about Discourse, and a few different Wikisource things: the plain sister template and how to make it use alternative Wikidata items (via the main one); and adding badges to the header template (I'll wait till I'm back in Australia for that one, I think). As part of editing those templates, I'm also working on the page-upload part of mwcli, which is now working but still needs some robustifying.

For some annoying reason, I am managing to always wake up early here, which is great from the point of view of having a few hours every morning to catch up with work and code, but does rather leave me brain-dead by mid-afternoon. There are so many amazing people to talk to as well.

I've been looking at the bus schedule for getting to the airport tomorrow. Everyone says American cities have crap public transport, but it doesn't seem so awful. Will take nearly two hours to get there I think, but that's okay.

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