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Page title author first published cover image currently reading owned have read acquired from wikidata id
A Puritan Bohemia A Puritan Bohemia Margaret Sherwood 1896 Yes No
A Ticket To Ride A Ticket To Ride John Chalmers Yes
And What Do You Do, Mr Gable?, by Richard Flanagan And What Do You Do, Mr Gable? Richard Flanagan No
Beyond the Equator Beyond the Equator
Dad and Dave Steel Rudd 1899
2018-06-21 14.42.10.jpg
No Yes
Doctor Thorne Anthony Trollop Yes No
Dreaming in Code Scott Rosenberg 2007 No No
Everyman's Rules for Scientific Living Carrie Tiffany 2005
2018-09-02 08.48.02.jpg
No Yes
Fathers of Men Fathers of Men E. W. Hornung 1912 No No Q59684353
Fremantle Hospital: A Social History to 1987 Fremantle Hospital: A Social History to 1987 Phyl Garrick and Chris Jeffery No Yes
History of West Australia by W. B. Kimberly History of West Australia Warren Bert Kimberley
Our Fathers, by Andrew O'Hagan Our Fathers Andrew O'Hagan
People of the Book Geraldine Brooks 2008
Yes Yes Q7165975
Perth Perth David Whish-Wilson 2013
2019-02-23 10.17.50.jpg
Yes Yes
Rails Through the Bush Rails Through the Bush Gunzburg, Adrian; Austin, Geff
Room at the Top Room at the Top John Braine 1957 No Yes
Stepping Off Stepping Off: Rewilding and Belonging in the South-West Thomas M. Wilson Yes Yes
The Card Catalog The Card Catalog The Library of Congress 2017 Yes Yes Q47418186
The Fortnight in September R. C. Sherriff 1931 No Yes
The Heart of the Matter Graham Greene 1948 No
The Nether World George Gissing 1889
2019-03-09 12.57.40.jpg
No Yes
The Railway Adventures Geoff Marshall; Vicki Pipe 2018 Yes Yes Q57764341
Where Angels Fear to Tread E. M. Forster 1905
Where angles fear.jpg
No Yes Q7993159
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