Signing off for a bit

Atlanta, USA

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The conference has ended, and everyone's going home. It's time for me to quit Slack, Telegram, IRCCloud, and even close Thunderbird, and head to the number 6 bus (then a train, train, plane, train, plane, bus, plane, and car). Even though it's frustrating, there's something nice about travelling with no internet access: it makes me work on bits of code in a way that sometimes results in more focus and better results. Of course, what often happens is that that works to some point, at which the code is feeling good and you're right in the flow, and then there's some tiny little thing that gets in the way that could be fixed in one minute on Stack Overflow. Or at least that's how it feels — what's actually more likely is that that small bump in the flow would in normal circumstances result in hours of wasting time and nothing much done. In the air, the same bump is slightly annoying, and results in a slight shift in focus, but continued work.

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