Loops and deadlines


It's a loopy sort of day. I mean there are loops in it. Which is pretty common, but sometimes gets annoying. It's like having a flowchart in your head, but someone forgot to put an end state in it and instead it links back on itself. It only does this after some sufficiently large number of steps though, so it's sort of hard to see that it's a loop at first, because you're expecting it not to be and aren't keeping count properly.

There is no deadline so every second is one: on anxiety, perfectionism, and Wikimedia projects by Léna:

There is no deadline on Wikimedia projects, and we have so, so much to do. Maybe I should grab my camera, go outside, and take decent pictures of my city. Or I should work with my local LGBT community and do an edit-a-thon. Or work at a national level, contact centers and convince them to share some of their archives. Or I should work on my tools backlog. Gosh, I haven’t seen the admin discussions on French Wikipedia for months, I should give a helpful hand. And I have so many books, I just should take some time and write articles. Or I should look at the latest mass-upload on Commons and put pictures on Wikipedia. Or I should enrich the French Wiktionnary about Gaumais, the language of my ancestors, to my knowledge I am the only one on Wikimedia projects who knows about Gaumais. What is the most important ? Where do I have the most value ? Oh, I guess I should work on that friendly space policy at Wikimedia France, I have lot of experience on what works and what doesn’t on other spaces, I would be so useful there.

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