Long-term websites


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I have lately been attempting to move some of the stuff that I host on my VPS to a more long-term, cheaper, and 'archival' platform. For this, I figure a static HTML website combined with hosting images on Wikimedia Commons, the Internet Archive, and Flickr, is the way to go. The source text is kept on Github, and rendered to HTML that's uploaded to Netlify.

This all works (although I've still got lots of file-shuffling to do), and means that the only part that I still pay for (and therefore will disappear when I stop doing that) is the domain name. I figure that's okay, because a) it is not too expensive; b) the content is still available on other sites (albeit not in a nice all-in-one website); c) Netlify provide *.netlify.com subdomains; and d) the site could be rebuilt and moved to a new domain if need be.

I don't know if this is the optimal set-up, but it feels a bit more resilient than what I've been doing for the last ten years or so. And interestingly, it makes me feel more able to walk away from these projects (while being happy that they're still online) and not have them taking up so my space in my brain.

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