Friday morning


It's a Friday in April. Which doesn't really mean anything, other than that it's slightly chillier than it was a couple of weeks ago, and I get to ponder what I will do on the weekend. I have some obvious next steps to take on my garden bench project, but I have to tackle them without getting sidetracked by any of the other interesting things I want to do as well. Why are there so many fun things to do? I usually manage to fail to do any of them.

I've been uploading some files to ArchivesWiki, and catching up with some proofreading. It's all been on hold for a month or so because of some ideas I had around file storage, copyright, Commons, Flickr, and the price of storage on Digital Ocean. I think ultimately, moving to DO Spaces has made the last of these make the decision about the rest — it's now cheap enough to keep hosting everything myself, and I'll carry on copying some of the more interesting items to Commons when appropriate. I've had good luck copying some things to Flickr too, because then more people see them and tell me what info I've gotten wrong. But perhaps all that's needed is a better notification system from ArchivesWiki itself?

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