Centenary Building


Archaeological excavations (by a company called ARCHAE-AUS) around the Freo town hall have been carrying on this week, with evidence of a farrier's and blacksmith found at the corner of Newman Court (was Street) and William Street, where the Centenary Building stood for thirty years or so from 1929.

The sign in the middle photo reads:

Exposing 1890–1913 blacksmiths', farriers', coachbuilders', & wheelwrights'.

Mr Tyler is in the photograph taken in 1896 in the front of his workshop (photo taken from other side of William St).

I'm not sure what happened in 1913.

Around the corner they've started work to uncover the foundations of the first St Johns church. This one they know more about, as it was excavated in the 1980s (although, the word on the street is that not enough photos were taken, nor other detailed records made). It'll be exciting to see this, after knowing about the church's outline in the paving stones my whole life.

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