Bookkeeping v.0.1

This is the first public release of this plugin, and it’s not very polished yet. But it does work! Download it from now, and let me know what needs fixing.

I’ve been using it pretty much as-is for the past six months or so, and there are a few features that I would like, and will be implementing soon:

  • Select-lists for categories, based on previously-entered categories. This way, to add a new category will simple entail typing it into the box, but at the same time the user will be presented with a list of categories they’ve used in the past. I’m just not yet sure how things should work upon first installing the plugin, because it’s probably a bit confusing at the moment. Any suggestions?
  • Export. To everything. Latex (and, by extensions, PDF), XML (but what formats?), and stand-alone HTML, are all that I particularly want. This would be good for backup too, of course.
  • I was thinking of tying transactions to Addressbook entries (optionally of course) but I’m not sure that it’s very useful.

I was at one point planning on a whole ledger/accounts/etc. structure, but then it sort of gets off into the realm of bigger and better financial management programmes, and it seems somewhat out of scope. This is really just a personal, or sole-trader, sort of a thing.

So send in your comments! (Oh, and by the way, Richard, there’s also ‘subbookkeeper’ with four pairs of letters.)

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