A Return to the Web

Returning to this blog after so long? What do I think I’m doing?! As if this is what it’s all about! I don’t want to return to this God-awful dive of diurnal dialog with myself; I don’t want to say, yet again, “Ooh, yes, woodwork is grand, but surely my life is–better?!–if I combine the old and the new, the high tech and the low?”. I’ve been here before!! Aaaggghh……

So, am I heading for a quiet workshop in which to practice my craft, slowly and carefully, and with chickens about? Will this little laptop sit near my workbench, prehaps with a canvas to keep out the dust, and at the end of a day be the place in which I record my thoughts, progress, dreams…? I should like, today, to think of this little wooden shed of my imaginings, to place a solar panel on the roof, a gas bottle inside and books along the walls. My workbench (oh!, where art thou, now, dear bench?) holds the meagre gleamings–nay: the beautiful, perfect, strong, clear gleamings–from the timberyard floor, or the building site skip, or the specialist timber-merchants’; and with them I shall work to embody the love that I feel for this craft, to embody what my hands know off by heart, for herein lies the crux: to know something so well.

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