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Hello world, this is my little bit of the web. I don't suppose there's much here to interest you… I'm only posting what I think I might want to refer to later. It's my memex, my corner of the commons, my consession to the feeling of wanting to shout things aloud and not minding who hears (and I'm not on Facebook, so this'll have to do).

There are lots of other sites on the web to which one can post things. The only ones of these that I use are those that I feel are trustworthy and for the common good. Into this category goes the Wikimedia sites (Wikipedia, Wikisource, and Commons, primarily); OpenStreetMap; and Librivox. Reddit might fit there too, as a place for discussion (I'm not really sure).

Everything else goes here, managed by Dokuwiki. Or not quite everything, because I have a couple of family archives (some of which are public) on other sites. (Even those, however, reference pages in this wiki a fair bit, for the purposes of public/open Genealogy research.) And of course, separate and offline, I have a hopefully solid backup system.

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